Stevieslaw: Winter wins in TKO

Stevieslaw: Winter Wins in TKO
The referee of the annual Winter/Steve bout in State College, PA wisely stepped in to stop the fight this morning, declaring a technical knockout. Last year, as you might recall, Steve was knocked down on New Year’s Eve by a vicious icy sidewalk just above the left eye that required ten stitches.
Steve told Smokey Diamond, “I thought I had it this year. I danced through December and January, and yes, I took an awful beating in February—so cold it was all I could do to cover up.” “But when I got to March, I thought I had it beaten. I thought it had tired and would fade with the month.” “But I didn’t see this ice-storm coming. It was wise of the ref to stop the fight. I have no reserves.”
Next year, Steve informs us, he may try a different venue for the annual winter bout. “It never has this kind of energy and staying power at the beach in Hilton Head,” he said with a wink.

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