Stevieslaw: Netanyahu Addresses Congress in Hebrew

Stevieslaw: Netanyahu Addresses Congress in Hebrew
Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, addressed a joint session of Congress today. Netanyahu spoke almost entirely in Hebrew—which with Arabic is one of two official languages of Israel, with a spattering of Yiddish thrown in. His speech was not translated for the Congress.
Congressional Republicans reacted with glee. “This is music to our ears,” said spokesperson Jim P.T Ococlusion, “It was clearly a rebuke of all of Barack Obama’s policies and decisions dated back to when he was a child.” “While some might argue that since not a single member of our caucus could understand a word Netanyahu was saying,” he continued, “”We’d have a hard time drawing conclusions from the speech. But as you know proceeding from faulty understanding is how we work.”
Senator Ted Cruz could not agree more. I loved the chant, “That Barack I am, Barack I am, I do not like Barack I am.” “The two aspects of the speech that made the biggest impression on me,” he said, “Was Netanyahu’s condemnation of Obama’s immigration order and the stunning way he took apart Obamacare.” It was classy and classic. Way to go BuBu.

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