Stevieslaw: No names, please

Stevieslaw: No Names Please
NPR has picked up a piece, first presented by the Miami Herald, that has the Governor of Florida fighting climate change by ordering State Employees to never mention it by name. This is critically important to the State of Florida, as it will cease to exist when the oceans rise. And sure, some liberal types will jump on this as being really dumb—as it is—but when you think about it, you quickly realize that this is an idea that can be more widely used.
From now on, Stevieslaw will not use the names of any of the Republican Governors with the sincere belief that they will therefore disappear. When necessary we will use appropriate nicknames. For example, Governor Crook in Florida and Governor Schnook in Texas are simple and appropriate. So, don’t name names, cross your fingers, knock on wood and wait for tomorrow’s missing person’s report.

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