Stevieslaw: GOP Struggles with Timing

Stevieslaw: GOP Struggles with Timing
When GOP spokesperson, Ima Stresed, spoke this morning with our intrepid reporter, Smokey Diamond, the first thing she brought up was the terrific amount of pressure the party is under.
“We’ve tried, “she said in little more than a whisper, “But we don’t have the resources to simultaneously criticize both Obama and Clinton for everything they may have said or done.” “Even with the dedicated cooperation of Fox News, certain outrages are falling through the cracks,” she admitted.
“Of course,” she said perking up a bit, “We will continue to blame Barack Obama for everything–for forever and a day, but that will become a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. The focus of our continuous outrage must shift to Ms. Clinton, she said with a slight smile, but the timing of this transition, which is critical to the national interest, is keeping us awake at night. Fortunately, I can use the time to read e-mails,” she concluded with a wink.

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