Stevieslaw: Veterans to Benefit from Repeal of Estate Tax

Sorry. Typo. My bad.
So, as we here at Stevieslaw understand it, Congressional Republicans wish to eliminate the estate tax—which affects about 5500 wealthy American households (and 9 family farmers), at a cost of about 269 billion over the next decade. And just as we were getting ready to ask, “How will you pay for this,” the same (or certainly similar) Republicans step up and offer to cut the budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs by 1.4 billion this year. VA Secretary McDonald said the plan would result in 70,000 fewer veterans receiving VA care than under “soft-on-our-enemies” Barack Hussein Obama’s budget. The House plan will also cut the funds for four major construction projects because money is tight.
Ya just gotta wonder how they get their flag pins on every morning.

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