Stevieslaw: Republicans Vote Planet in Contempt of Congress

Stevieslaw: Republicans Vote Planet in Contempt of Congress
House and Senate Republicans joined forces today to declare the planet Earth in contempt of Congress. This follows a report by the soon-to-be-defunded National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that CO2 levels had surpassed 400 parts per million globally for the first time in about 200 million years. Chief Greenhouse Gas Scientist Pieter Tans said, “Carbon Dioxide isn’t just higher, it is increasing at a faster pace, 100 times faster than natural rises in the past.”
Congressional Republican spokesperson, Imba Cil, said in a homespun folksy voice intended for public consumption, “Congress has tried to gently reason with the planet over the years, in an attempt to convince it that human induced climate change was not possible–a scientific arrogance. The latest results are a slap in the face and call for a more rigorous approach.”
“Hearings on the contempt charge will be held in Washington this August, if the Capital does not melt.”

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