Stevieslaw: What’s that smell?

Stevieslaw: What’s that smell?
Heads are rolling in the Trump campaign, as the big guy has been busy pointing his famous firing finger at members of his staff and sending them packing. There is no doubt that the Trump group got caught this week with their pants down, when EIN news announced that a 2000 bottle, limited edition of “Leaders Number One” perfume, which is inspired by Russian leader Vladimir Putin was now available. With an aroma of blackcurrant and fir cones as well as hints of lemon, bergamot and blackcurrants, the new fragrance is “is soft but at the same time very firm,” says Vladislav Rekunov who concocted the fragrance. “At 85 dollars for a 100 ml bottle, orders are pouring in from all over the globe,” said Rekunov.
The Trump camp is hurriedly planning a “The Donald” scent to appear soon after the New Year. “Smartypants,” will be anchored by the aroma of well-worn fifty dollar bills over the herbal combination of rue, wormwood and horehound. “Women will love it even more than men will,” predicted Trump. “And I will need to buy some more buildings to have a place to store all the money that will come rolling in.”
Other Republican candidates are reportedly lining up to produce perfumes as quickly as possible, with Jeb Bush’s “uncertainty,” Ted Cruz’s “hateful,” and Rand Paul’s “alien,” set to market no later than early February. Ben Carson is hopeful that he will be able sell you small bottles of water, and tell you it is perfume and Chris Christie is looking at a pizza-like fragrance you would want to have a beer with.
A jubilant Hillary Clinton said, “Now we will be able to identify even normal looking extremist Republicans by what they stink of.” “Priceless,” she concluded.

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