Stevieslaw: Government agrees to Bundy’s major demand

Stevieslaw: Government agrees to Bundy’s major demand.
It has become clear that Ammon Bundy and his group of super patriots, who have been occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, will succeed in getting one of their foremost demands granted by the Federal Government. In fact if the Feds have their way, the entire bunch will become entitled to free room and board at a federally owned and operated facility—duration to be determined by a judge and jury. Well done!
Here at Stevieslaw, we find ourselves no longer able to ignore the obvious connection between Ammon Bundy and the fictional lead in “Married with Children,” Al Bundy. Al, a harried and henpecked shoe salesman, finds that his every scheme makes his wretched life even more unbearable. Clearly, Ammon Bundy could step right in as the new lead. We believe that this entire inexplicable episode in faulty reasoning and bad judgement only makes sense as a sequel to “Married with Children.” Remember, when you tune in to the show (on ABC at 9PM) this fall that you read it first here. We can’t wait.

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