Stevieslaw: Predicting Pundit Patter

Stevieslaw: Predicting Pundit Patter
Here at Stevieslaw, the cricket-quiet of last night was shattered by the screams of some poor tormented soul. I don’t know how long it took me to realize that the tormented soul was me.
It was a complicated nightmare. It was November 9th, 2016 and I had woken to find that Donald Trump had eked out an election victory and was our very own President-elect. The same talking heads that had droned through the 2016 primaries and election campaigns were now offering me a message of hope. In the dream, I could not hear the message—but I seemed to know instinctively exactly what they were selling. Let me share the headline with you:
Pundits Confidently Predict Donald Trump will be One-term President.
I may never be able to sleep again.

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