Stevieslaw Exclusive: Trump to vote for Hillary

Stevieslaw Exclusive: Donald Trump to vote for Hillary
In an exclusive interview with Donald Trump this morning, our fearless reporter, Smokey Diamond, learned that Trump will vote for Hillary Clinton for President.
Mr. Trump, who has confided in Smokey in the past, said “Not only am I racist and misogynist, but I am incapable of change. I have no interest or understanding of National or International affairs and am pretty much unteachable. I am thoroughly disgusting and I love it. Hillary is the only rational choice for President and I intend to vote for her.”
Republican leaders quickly vowed to stick with the Trump campaign. Speaker Ryan said, “Despite Donald’s unfortunate choice of words, which I wish he would quickly disavow, this is in no way a deal breaker.” Reince Priebus announced that while continuing to push for Trump’s election, he was planning on changing his name and “finding something useful to do with my life after November.” Mike Pence clarified his position by flatly stating, “At least Trump is not gay.”
Donald would neither confirm nor deny that he was planning to campaign for Clinton. As to dropping out of the race, Mr. Trump shook his head no and said, “That would be an honorable thing to do, and for me the honorable thing is you know…”

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