Stevieslaw: why aren’t you digging?

Stevieslaw: why aren’t you digging?

Of course your remember Rick Perry. Once upon the time, he ran for President and when the American people decided pretty unanimously that the guy was “dumb as a rock,” Ricky responded by finding a pair of glasses that made him look smart and presidential, at a “second pair is free event” at Wise Eyes in Dallas.

Of course you remember Rick. He’s the guy who couldn’t remember the name of the agency (energy) he wanted to eliminate. Oh, and he’s the guy who said the shooting of nine black parishioners at a Church in S. Carolina was “an accident.” His campaign claimed he couldn’t be held responsible for either of those statements, as they were made before he got his “smart glasses.”

We, at Stevieslaw, are taking a break from digging out the foundation for our fall out shelter, just for the time it takes to remind everyone that Rick will, when he takes over at the Department of Energy, be responsible for the maintenance and modernization of our nuclear weapons—roughly 7100 warheads—more than more than enough to end human life as we know it, and to ask as kindly as we know how, “Why Aren’t You Digging?”

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