Stevieslaw: House Republicans to let the good times roll

Stevieslaw: House Republicans to let the good times roll.

In a move termed surprising by News Agencies that should know better,
The House Republican Conference voted on Monday to strip power from an independent ethics office set up in 2008 to combat corruption in Congress. Said Representative, Robert Goodlatte of Virginia, “The Office had to go. It was just too effective.”

Goodlatte Spokesperson, Andin Tiller noted that, “House Republicans love all their fellow members, but sometimes it’s a bit like loving your idiot cousin. Many members have just two years to strike it rich and provide their families with a life of luxury. They must work hard at scooping up as much as they can, while they are still in a position of power.”

“Let’s face it,” Mr. Tiller continued, “Many of our House members have no skills other than shaking hands, kissing babies and talking, talking, talking. The things they say or do show that they have almost no grasp on reality. Frankly, many of them are not qualified to work at wiping windshields with a dirty rag on the Bowery. The last thing they need is an Ethics Committee looking over their shoulders.”

Mr. Tiller went on to argue that axing the Ethics Committee constituted a public service as “It’s the only way we can keep these morons from a life on the public dole.”

Trump. Trump. Trump (not part of the story, I need the keyword).

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