Stevieslaw: House Republicans form Hosanna Choir to praise Trump

Stevieslaw: House Republicans form hosanna choir to praise Trump

Some fear that the Trump years will be hard on artists, writers and performers based on recent tweets that suggest Trump will cancel funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and Public Broadcasting. But, Kellyanne Conway wants to assure people that their will always be room for artists—writers, singers, sculptors and portrait painters, who are willing to sing the praises of Donald J.

As if to emphasize the need for this, House Republicans this weekend formed a hosanna choir to sing the praises of the President—particularly when he accomplishes more ordinary things. Said Speaker Paul Ryan, “We in the House of Representatives strongly feel that all Americans will be better off if Trump is continuously praised. To accomplish this, we have formed a choir to follow Trump about as he performs his more ordinary functions.”

“We have writers working feverishly to compose paeans to Trump’s everyday accomplishments.” Said Kevin McCarthy—House Majority Leader, “Just today, we were able to sing the praises of a particularly accomplished Trump bowel movement.”

“It was huge,” said Ryan. “The best bowel movement ever.”

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