Stevieslaw: Better than Bannon (Wormtongue)

Stevieslaw: Better Than Bannon (wormtongue)

Donald Trump announced in a tweet today that he would fill a last slot on the National Security Council with Vladimir Putin. The NSC was formed during the Truman administration to advise the President on security issues and foreign affairs. Just this week, Trump had replaced the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs with Steve Wormtongue Bannon, citing the need to be led even farther astray.

Trump extolled the foreign policy and security experience of Mr. Putin—a long time contributor to the Trump campaign and a major factor in his victory.

Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle agreed that the choice of Mr. Putin was infinitely better than the choice of Mr. Bannon. “It is much easier to believe that Putin will make recommendations in the best interest of the United States, than to believe that Bannon will,” said House Majority Leader Paul Ryan.

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