Stevieslaw: House Republicans Fix Child Labor Laws

Stevieslaw: House Republicans fix child labor laws.

House Republicans today repealed the major provisions of the child labor laws which had basically governed how long and how hard children under the age of 16 could work.

Republican spokesperson, Igot Mine, said “a major cause of income inequality is that American families–particularly poor and lower middle class families, are not maximizing their labor potential. Two income families have become the norm and increasing prices for housing, education and child care have more than “eaten up” the second income. A way out of this tangle is to have families put their children into the work force earlier.”

Mr. Mine continued, “Republicans recognize that American childhood is too long and that the education of most children in these socio-economic groups is wasted. Moreover, having children in the workforce will dramatically increase the tax base and help to provide the manpower needed to replace the huge number of illegal aliens we are going to deport.”

Democrats, after a long and contentious floor battle, were able to preserve the existing regulations for children under 4 years of age. Said their spokesperson, Raúl
Over, “it’s the best we could do.”

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