Stevieslaw: Jeff Sessions urges good ol’ boys to be patient

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Stevie's Law

Stevieslaw: Jeff Sessions urges good ol’ boys to be patient*

Jeff Sessions, Trump appointee for attorney general, cautioned his followers “not to expect miracles.” Sessions, in a remarkably candid interview, said that the work of restoring slavery would take months rather than days. “We have amendments to repeal, slave quarters to build, and auction houses to start up—it will require a great amount of work,” he told CNN. “Further,” he said, “the importance of restoring the slave economy will not be apparent until we deport the 13 or 14 million illegal aliens that do the work that no one else wants to do.” “Do you want to pick cantaloupe,” he continued. “I thought not.”

Sessions was more optimistic about obtaining reparations for the families of former slaveowners. “This is an easy bill to move through a Republican Congress—particularly if we work at night with the lights out,” he said.


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