Stevieslaw: How Trump Prepares??

Stevieslaw: How Trump Prepares??

I like to stay in touch with my old friend Harvey. We go back to 1964, when he rocked the stickball world by learning to pitch lefty after breaking his wrist. When the cast came off, Harvey became the only switch-pitcher in Brooklyn

Harvey spent time in Vietnam and came home with some disabilities, although you wouldn’t know it to look at him. He has been pretty much continuously stoned since 1969. Not the hard stuff—weed, and mushrooms and LSD when he can get them.

I spoke to him this morning and, of course, we got onto the subject of Donald Trump. Is there another subject? Harvey and his buddies had watched Trump’s latest news conference. In fact, they would rather have their teeth pulled than miss a speaking appearance by Trump.

“The man’s music,” said Harvey. “Free Jazz. We love listening to his riffs, his amazing changes of tempo and style. We smoke, munch and groove.”

After I established that neither Harvey nor his friends actually understood a word the man said—in fact could care less about whether he was speaking real words or not, I realized that this was Trump’s natural audience—the self medicating. It all makes perfect sense to them.

“Dude,” said my friend Harvey—giving me something to ponder, “just how do you think he gets ready for his performances?”

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