Stevieslaw: Trump names Palin “Intelligence Czar.”

Stevieslaw: Trump names Palin “Intelligence Czar.”

Donald Trump continued his remaking of the intelligence agencies today by appointing former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin, to oversee the operation of the CIA, NSA, FBI and all intelligence services run by the military. This is in addition to his appointment of Billionaire Stephen Feinberg to review all Intelligence work.

Trump said that someone to coordinate the action of all the intelligent agencies, a sort of “intelligence Czar” was critically needed to stem the leak of classified information. “There are a bunch of losers in the each of these organizations and Sarah will have the power to fire and prosecute them,” he said.

Trump noted, “I was drawn to Sarah because of her firm grasp on the nature of international relations.  She has repeatedly demonstrated this. She is high IQ. In addition, it is impressive that she delegated herself to keep an eye on Russia, from the top floor of the Governor’s Mansion in Juneau, without asking for any compensation. That’s a great American.”

Trump concluded by saying, “Sarah has aged well and I would still date her.”

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