Stevieslaw: Where has old Glenn Thompson Gone–long time passing?

Stevieslaw: Where has old Glenn Thompson Gone—long time passing?

Like many Republicans in Congress, our representative, Glenn Thompson has effectively gone into hiding rather than face the hordes of paid provocateurs who haunt his every step. Rumor has it that he has changed his name and has been living in a series of transient hotels in his district of Central Pennsylvania.

Said Harry Toup, a barber at Miller’s Barber Shop in Philipsburg, “some guy comes in at 1 PM yesterday—the time we had reserved for Glenn Thompson, and says Glenn can’t make it. Introduces himself as Ralph Kramden and says Glenn told him to take his scheduled time.”

“He was a spitting image of Glenn,” said Toup, “But I told him we weren’t taking any walk-in customers and that he should call ahead to make an appointment.”

“So the guy says, “I tried. All I get is a busy signal and then notification that your voice mail is full up.””

“Try our Punxsutawney, Bellefonte or State College Offices?” I asked.

“All full up,” said Ralph.

By this time, the Thompson look alike was getting on my nerves.

“Listen,” I told him, “We don’t need your kind in here making trouble. Let your hair grow out and do a combover for all I care. Now, take a hike.”

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2 Responses to Stevieslaw: Where has old Glenn Thompson Gone–long time passing?

  1. Susan C Nichols says:

    GOOD LAUGH STEVE> Thanks. Sent it on to one of my friends in Williamsport!!

    Susan >


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