Stevieslaw: Breitbart News Tells the Whole Truth

Stevieslaw: Breitbart News Tells the Whole Truth

While several prominent news organizations were denied access to a White House briefing and others, such as the Associated Press and Stevieslaw, refused to attend the meeting, Breitbart News has released a summary of the briefing.

Breitbart reports that:

1. Dr. Trump ( his medical degree was just granted last week) has discovered a cure for cancer, diabetes and the common cold which will change the nature of health care in America forever. It will be practically free. Huge!
2. Our Dear Leader, working tirelessly in his White House Laboratory, has found a way to turn lead into gold, thereby changing the nature of the economy forever. Everyone will be rich. Huge!
3. Nobel-laureate Trump will be awarded 3 Nobel Peace Prizes this year because he is already—even after only a month—at least three times more effective than Obama at promoting world peace. Huge!
Breitbart notes that the standing ovation to Sean Spicer’s briefing was the longest and most enthusiastic standing ovation ever. “I’m sure the whole world heard it,” said Breitbart reporter, H.W. Goering.

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  1. Again, you’ve achieved perfection, Steve!


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