Stevieslaw: Sackcloth and Ashes

Stevieslaw: Sack-cloth and Ashes

In what is probably not a hopeful sign for mankind, soon-to-be unemployed climate scientists have joined the most prominent apocalyptic groups. At a recent rally in Washington, Carbo Dio, soon-to-be former head of Nasa’s weather satellite program marched with a group dressed in sackcloth. But while the apocalypticans carried signs that said “the end is nigh,” Carbo’s sign simply said, “Scott Pruitt.”

“I give our species 100 more years at best,” said Carbo lighting up a cigarette, “although for the last 25 or so, you will no longer have to boil water for coffee. “You know,” he said after inhaling deeply, “I quit smoking for the usual health reasons, but it doesn’t seem to matter much anymore.” Eat, drink and be merry,” he concluded, taking a belt from a bottle of really fine scotch.

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