Stevieslaw: Trump’s Magical wall of wonder

Stevieslaw: Trump’s Magical Wall of Wonder

President Trump assured his fellow Americans that his proposed cuts to medical research at the NIH would not affect their health. “I have your backs,” he tweeted.

“My wall will be a magical wall,” he continued in just 24 characters. “The wall will not only keep out the bad hombres, it will also keep out those bad diseases created by evil foreigners who don’t look like us.”

“Remember Jack and his magical beanstalk? My magical wall will keep cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other bad microbie things from every entering the land of the free and the home of the brave.

“I am cutting the NIH budget simply because that money will no longer be needed. We will stop disease at its source—when the sneaky little buggers first try to sneak in,” he twittered.

Feel better now?

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