Stevieslaw: Mitch McConnell’s Magical Bus

Stevieslaw: Mitch McConnell’s Magical Bus

Who would have ever guessed there would be a strong connection between Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and author and counterculture guru, Ken Kesey? In 1964, Kesey purchased an old International Harvester School bus to take his band of drug-infused Merry Pranksters on a cross-country tour. The bus was nicknamed “Further” (or Furthor), which we take in the sense of promoting the counter-culture cause.

Now, just over 50 years later, Mitch McConnell is also seeking a bus—a magical bus. I suppose he will name it something like Lesser or perhaps Destroyer. Republicans, being Republicans, are helping him find something suitable.

Why magical, you ask? Well, it has to be large enough to throw 23 million people under it.

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