Stevieslaw: It could happen here department

Stevieslaw: It could happen here department

Trump Tweets:

6:21 AM. I did not press the red button. If CNN and those other fake news stations say I pressed the red button, they are lying. Fake News.

6:28 AM. And anyway, Obama never gave me the nuclear codes—left with them. Obama did it. Just another case of a former President grandstanding. SAD.

6:34 AM. Where the hell was Uruguay anyway. Nobody knows where it was. Nobody cares. And, the damage wasn’t as bad as all that. Hiroshima was way worse. That was a real bombing.

6:47 AM. I am getting a lot of thanks from all sorts of leaders around the world. Rogue regime. Needed to go. It will cut down bigly on illegal immigration—believe me. Gratitude pouring in– U.N. in joint session. Probably want me to talk.

6:51 AM. If players in the NFL are going to take a knee during the anthem, they should rounded up, put in uniform and sent to Afghanistan. Immediately. Are there no patriots left?

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4 Responses to Stevieslaw: It could happen here department

  1. H. Alan Weisel says:

    Sad to say, in todays’s world, it is possible to envisioning this happening here in the


  2. You made me laugh. My gratitude is pouring in. I really enjoyed your posts.


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