Stevieslaw: Follow the Money

Stevieslaw: Follow the Money

Reprinted from the Kansas Nutwarren:

Conservative icon, Ann Coulter, was right on the mark in calling out the “child actors,” posing as refugees, wailing and crying sloppily on Network TV. She cautioned Trump not to fall for their sob story and went on to say that “I get nervous that the president is getting his news from TV.”

Other brave conservatives, most notably Alex Jones, have already called out “child actors” in the so-called school shootings—which everyone must admit happen too often to be real. What these conservatives have not done—and this is surprising (or is it?) considering their collective brain power, is to finally connect the dots. Who is capable of supplying this ever growing need for child actors? Who will make money doing so?

The Socialist Hollywood Elite.

Since even our best columnists won’t (why?) take them on, we must demand that our President—the great and powerful Trump, call them on it.

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