Stevieslaw: Lunch with Jesus

Stevieslaw: Trump discloses lunch with Jesus

In a Fox News exclusive, President Trump described his 2014 lunch with Jesus at the famous Russian Tea Room in NYC.

Jesus told me that I was the only one capable of rescuing America from the clutches of that treacherous Muslim, Barack Obama. “He had some wonderful things to say about me—believe me, believe me,” said Trump.

“We both had the Chicken Kiev,” said Trump, “Delicious. And it went perfectly with the Sauvignon Blanc he made from the tap water.”

Trump admitted to being a bit nonplussed by the fact that Jesus stuck him with the bill.

“I thought that he would pick it up, or at least offer to split it,” he lamented.

“It worked out ok though. I told them I forgot my wallet and never paid it,” concluded the President of the United States.

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