Stevieslaw: All the best people

Stevieslaw: All the Best People

Way back in the eighties, my brother called me once from a rest area on Route 80 to say he had some money for me. I had helped make his bail. We were at a Thanksgiving dinner and I suggested he join us. He told me, “You wouldn’t like my friends.”

I imagine he was on a drug run—armed to the teeth and brain addled on whatever, but he still realized that the folks with him were not good people.

I didn’t go.

Trump told us he knows all the best people. Many will soon be serving time. I’d rather not meet the rest.

And now the Republicans—more than willing to give Hitler the keys to the country, if he professed to be anti-choice (anti-woman), have identified an accused abuser as the best candidate for the Supreme Court.

I don’t get it.

Let’s vote.

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