What did Trump say about it?

1 + 1 =3.

My good friend Bernie didn’t have a wagering bone in his body, which was a good thing for him. He slowly built a reputation for “backing the wrong horse” 98.3% of the time. We could count on Bernie. If Bernie said the Giants were sure to beat the Dodgers tomorrow, we could be sure that our $5 bet on the Dodgers would be enough to get you a veal parmesan sandwich at Tony’s Pizza on Utica Avenue. Bernie was a priceless resource.

The lead sentence in a NYTimes article today is: The president’s demands for reopening classrooms helped convince many teachers that it would be unsafe. And there you have it. Of course, we need to get that venomous moron out of the White House before he kills most of us, but imagine how well we could do as a nation when he becomes (as seems inevitable) a talking head on Fox News.

War with Iran? What did Trump say? Invest in clean energy? What did Trump say? Vaccinate your children? What did Trump say?

The possibilities are never ending. All we need do is wait for Trump to weigh in on any given issue and just do the opposite. I never thought I’d say this but Trump may be a priceless resource on the road to “making American greater.” He should resign and start at Fox today.

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