New poem on Pure Slush

In the anthology: The Tyranny of Bacon. This poem was written with my local deli in mind—up on Hegeman and Amboy, I believe. It was the first place I had lunch out with my friends in Elementary School. A Kosher deli, of course, so no way bacon was on the menu.

Breakfast All Day

When I was eight
I was finally allowed
to go the four blocks
to Ernies
for breakfast out
with Joel and Marvin
It was as grown up
as I have ever felt.

I had a bacon
and cheese omelette
and a plate of home fries
I could barely see over.
Who knew from bacon?
Who knew from an omelette?
My mom was not an adventurous cook
I breakfasted on Wheaties,
half a browning banana,
and an occasional bagel.

Over the years Ernies
became my home
away from home.
They did a BLT
so loaded with bacon
you had to pound it
with your palm
to get your mouth around it.
It’s the place we ate
after my high school graduation,
and you could tell if a date
was worth your time
by her reaction to two eggs
sunnyside up
with extra bacon
and a toasted english.

They went under this year,
fast-fooded out
by MceeDees and Burger King
where there isn’t much difference
between the breakfast sandwich
and its styrofoam box.

I walk by Ernies
I always stop
for a minute—
not just
to relive
the fine memories
but because that corner
will always
smell of bacon.

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2 Responses to New poem on Pure Slush

  1. Makes me smile, though I like my yolks broken and fried hard.


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