AStevieslawRetraction: Fox News

Lighthearted Fox scores points.

When we are wrong, we admit it—so here goes.  Smokey Diamond and the editorial staff at Stevieslaw fell for a Fox News exclusive, as reported to us by Sterling Fibber, about a format change at Fox that would allow them to present sitcoms.  Smokey admits that, “I went for it like a cat goes for catnip.”

As many of our readers have pointed out, Fox News is, and has always been, a 24 hour network specializing in the presentation of sitcoms.  The three we spoke about, in yesterday’s exclusive, were just part of the existing mix.  Sterling Fibber, Fox News spokesperson, said laughingly, “Gottcha.” “Yesterday’s interview was only part of our continuing campaign to put “lighthearted,” he said, “into our motto—fair, lighthearted and balanced.”

Smokey, shrugging off the bad news, was in Pakghanistan today pursuing the story about an American contractor who got out of jail by paying the families of the people he killed, “blood money.”  It has never been established whether or not the contractor had murdered the Pakghanistanis or had been acting in self-defense. 

Smokey was able to speak to General Petraeus about the story.  He caught up with the general in his super-secret bunker deep underneath the new Justice Ministry building, paid for by American tax dollars, in Kabul.  “This is just another example,” said Petraeus of how much we have learned about the socio-economic aspects of war in this part of the world.”  Petraeus refused to confirm, however, that the Pakghanistanis were currently toting up a bill for how much it would cost to get American troops out of this medieval hell-hole.

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