StevieslawEntertainmentNews: Fox News to Revamp Format

Fox News plans three new “fair and balanced” sitcoms.

In an effort to “balance out” commercial network sitcoms that portray blacks, latinos, gays, women and other minorities as people, Fox News today announced it is revamping its format to be able to present sitcoms of its own.  Sterling Fibber, spokesperson for Fox, announced that pilots for three FBS have been written.  Fibber said, “These gentle comedies will help the American people understand the important events going on around them, in a manner they can relate to.”  “These shows will be very current,” he added, “and we will not shrink from taking on the major issues of the day, while at the same time maintaining a folksy, humorous tone that one has come to expect from, say, a Mike Huckabee.”

Fibber would not release details of the shows as they are still in editorial.  He did, however, discuss the basic plot lines.  In the first, a swarthy, sinister President, whose birth nation and religious beliefs are shrouded in mystery and whose election has been engineered by Walnut, a communist front, is thwarted in his attempts to turn the United States into a Muslim, Marxist nation by a shy, funny overweight radio talk show host, a kindly professor and an emotional congressman.  In the second, a tough-minded, though fair, young governor has no choice but to take on the special interest groups—unions, public employees, and democrats, with the help of the clumsy yet wise Republican Whip of the State House who looks, dresses and sounds like Fess Parker playing Davey Crockett. In the third, an attractive, fiery ex-Governor of a state in the shadow of the former Soviet Union chooses, after minutes of soul searching, to run for election as the first woman president of the United States.  There is no one to help her as she must balance her presidential ambitions against the care of her large boisterous family of talented dancers and moose hunters. 

The pilots will air this summer.

In a related newsbrief, Fox announced it will be changing its slogan from ‘fair and balanced” to “fair, lighthearted, and balanced,” to welcome the new sitcom format.

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