Newsbriefs You May Have Missed: Closing the Invasion Routes.

20. Jim DeMint declares Interstate Highway System Unconstitutional.

McClatchy Newspaper reporter, James Rosen, in an article in Thursday’s CDT, used the example of the invention by Dr. David Cull of a valve system for dialysis to highlight the politic wrangling over implementation of the new health care bill.  Cull was able to get a grant under a part of the new health care law that fosters biomedical innovation, although his Senator, Jim DeMint of S. Carolina, refused to write a letter in support of Cull’s application.  John C. Calhoun, spokesperson for DeMint said, “even though the success of this valve will ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Americans requiring dialysis and will save the taxpayer billions of dollars in Medicare costs, it is more important for Senator DeMint to remain ideologically pure in refusing to have anything to do with the unconstitutional “Obamacare” bill.” John C. went on to point out that, “Senator DeMint’s strong ideological position in the support of human suffering is not new, but has been the model used by organized religion for some 2000 years.”

Smokey Diamond was down in Greenville, S. Carolina for the rest of the story.  He finds that opposition to unconstitutional “Obamacare” is only the very tip of the iceberg.  “Jim DeMint finds it very odd,” continued Calhoun, “that the Federal Interstate Highway System runs both North and South and East and West through all of the major cities of the Sovereign State of S. Carolina.”  “Jim echoes the feelings of most S. Carolinians when he calls Interstate 95, the obvious federal invasion route from the north.”  “He will introduce legislation in the Senate to deny funds to the unconstitutional Federal Highway Administration in an attempt to bring down the interstate system.”  “Failing that,” Mr. Calhoun went on, “We will take action.”  “In S. Carolina, it is not hard to imagine employing large numbers of undesirables, in what might be termed “Chain Gangs,” to dig up the Interstates.”

We are very happy to report that Smokey Diamond, perhaps the working definition of an undesirable, returned safely from S. Carolina.

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  1. Susie Curvin says:

    Hey there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Appreciate it!


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