StevieslawGuesstherest: Ron Tomalis Talks School Budget Cuts.

The Issue: A proposed 1 billion dollar school budget cut by, man of the people, Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania.

Education Secretary-nominee, Ron Tomalis defended the cuts by declaring, “I don’t think that dollars is the way that we drive achievement. I don’t think you can measure achievement in dollars and cents.  For instance, he said, he believes higher quality teachers, not necessarily more teachers and smaller classes, is more important to student achievement.

Guesstherest: Tomalis continued by noting it was his belief, “that a good challenge is the best way to attract higher quality teachers.”  “We believe by offering lower and lower salaries, much larger class sizes, only teacher supplied class materials, and best of all— very, very limited health and pension benefits, that we will attract the best teachers in the nation.”  “Moreover, he said, “our children will wish that they could grow up to be PA teachers, as well.”  “Of course,” he concluded, “that is sort of silly of them, with the kind of education we envision them getting.”

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