Stevieslaw: Filing the Short Form

I was going to spend today doing my income taxes, but I couldn’t control my typing. Every time I set out to enter StevieslawInc into my new tax software, my fingers would type something else —ge, ge, ge, ge, ge…sorry, there it goes again.  When I went to get a glass of milk from the Stevieslaw fridge to calm my ge, ge, ge, ge… nerves, I noticed that the fridge was made by GE.  The microwave is also and I bet ge, ge, ge, ge…if I look around I can find a few more appliances and even light bulbs made by them as well.

So this year I am simplifying my corporate taxes.  I will file the following:


A wholly owned subsidiary of GE

Please send our customary rebate.

I’m not at all sure what wholly owned subsidiary (WOS) means, but there are so many things I use in my day to day that I’m not all that sure of, I’m willing to give it a try.

By the way, the address of our legal defense fund is …ge, ge, ge, ge…..

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