StevieslawWeCanOnlyDream: The Church of the Flaming Koran

Terry Jones and followers to head to Pakghanistan

Smokey Diamond got the scoop from Terry Jones today about his plan to move his church and followers to a hillside just outside Kandahar.  Diamond admitted, “I wore a NASA style EVA suit for the interview. I was that afraid of catching cooties.”

Jones said, “My followers and I will be opening the church in Kandahar for several reasons.  For one, it will allow us to continue our fight against Islam at one of its centers, using our twin weapons of bibles and bigotry.”  “More importantly, it will give us much greater access to Korans, and at a much better price.”  “The church will feature a forty foot high cross and a tasteful neon sign announcing the coming of “The Church of the Flaming Koran.” ‘No one living within a 100 miles of the church will be able to ignore it,” he said with his final words.

Alas, it is just a dream.

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