Stevieslaw: Ye of Little Faith

Smokey Diamond and I learned from the CDT this morning that fracking was responsible for some drinking water pollution in Wyoming. There is nothing to worry about in Pennsylvania, however, as the names of the two States have such very different spellings.
Smokey and I are worried instead about the lack of confidence apparent in the fracking industry. They seem to feel that they will somehow be unable to completely ruin the ground water system in the United States. They say this in spite of the energy industry’s enviable victories in destroying the viability of the oceans and atmosphere and in its large role in baking the earth itself. They seem to believe that the EPA will prevent them from reaching their “don’t drink the water, ever” goal. Come on guys. Consider who you have on payroll to stop the EPA in their tracks. And, major reelections campaigns are just starting up. It would be no fun at all it if some evil, anti-business, government agency didn’t at least try to stop you.
So, buck up. Ruining the environment is what you guys do and, considering the money that will be made from fracking, we believe you can do it again.

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  1. Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a high risk decision great post! .


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