Stevieslaw: Political Cynicism: A Gut Check

Our local newspaper, the CDT, was on top of things once again in reporting that the Tom (straight-shooter) Corbett campaign was accepting contributions from the Second Mile Foundation members while he was investigating them as part of the Sandusky mess.

This is the sort of thing that breeds political cynicism. To counter this, our intrepid reporter, Smokey Diamond, got in touch with spokesperson, Peter Watts, to try and ferret out some good news about campaign contributions. You will all be happy to hear that Peter was able to provide us with some. “It turns out,” Peter said with a smile, “that no American candidate in 2010 accepted money from the “Honor Pol Pot Foundation.” Pol Pot, as you may recall, was the Cambodian leader who did away with about 20% of his people while the world watched. Smokey, always the keen investigative reporter asked Mr. Watts, “Why?” “It could only be,” replied Peter, That the foundation had no money to offer.”

Feel better now?

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