Stevieslaw: Who’s on First?

Picture John Boehner and Eric Cantor discussing the payroll tax bill vote. Perhaps, it went something like this.
EC: Yes. We get to stick it to Obama again.
JB: No, it is then.
EC: No? You don’t want to stick it to Obama.
JB: Yes. Of course I do. So no it is then.
EC: Yes, you mean no? No disrespect, but you’ve been under a lot of pressure this year John. Are you okay?
JB: No—I have heartburn from lunch. But, in general, yes.
EC: Yes? I thought we had settled on no, both here and in the senate. The yes most certainly should have been no.
JB: I agree. No, to the burritos.
EC: The vote John. Let’s talk about the vote. No?
JB: Yes? Of course.
EC: Yes? I thought we decided no.
JB : Yes, it’s no then.
EC: Yes.
JB: You mean no?
EC: Get out of my sight, John.
JB: No!
EC: Yes!
EC: Now!
JB: Yes?
EC: No. No. No.
and so they voted.

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