Stevieslaw: The M(FDR)itt Plan for Iran

Stevieslaw: The M(FDR)itt plan for Iran
Franklin Delano Romney may be an ultra-liberal when it comes to domestic policy, but he is relentless in his push to make America, once again, the mightiest country on the planet. Today, Smokey Diamond, our ace analyst, learned that Romney has printed 100 million leaflets—at his own expense—to scatter over the major cities in Iran, using his personal Romneydrones. Mitt will “pilot” the drones himself, from his modest family home in Dayton, Ohio. The leaflets will be emblazoned with the slogan:
“Just say nah to nukes.”
The “nah,” which is “no” in Farsi. is a typical Romneycism—what some might call a joke. But FDR was dead serious, saying “this is the kind of radical thinking a strong leader must show, if America is to be the strongest country in the world once again.”
Smokey caught up with Paul Ryan, at the local watering hole—The Depths of Despair—in Madison, Wisconsin. Paul was drinking boilermakers with both hands and would only say, “I will never leave this basement oasis again.”

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