Stevieslaw: Moving on up

Stevieslaw: Moving On Up
After Fox News announced this week that they had been able to save Christmas from the heathens for another year, they spoke angrily about a new assault on freedom. Fox spokesperson, Bea Affeared, claimed evidence that liberals, socialists, people of color and other radicals were planning to move out of their city enclaves, in large numbers, to take up residence in traditionally Republican Congressional districts. “Clearly, they are moving solely for the purpose of changing the demographics and replacing traditional Republicans with America- hating-Democrats,” she said. “Trust me,” she continued, “There could be no other reason you would move into some of these districts.”
“Evidence for the Fox claim has been steadily mounting,” said Ms. Affeared. “At Fox, we find the fact that the group responsible for organizing this mass movement, should there be such a group, has not denied our claim to be the most damning evidence of all.”

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