Stevieslaw: NRA Updates—The WWW Program

Stevieslaw: NRA Updates-The WWW Program
Just this morning in a Stevieslaw exclusive, NRA spokesperson, Rey Loaded, was explaining to our very frightened investigative reporter, Smokey Diamond, the essence of their brand new “Wing a Wing-nut Wednesday” program. “As I’m sure you know,” explained the soft spoken Rey, “Wednesday is a very slow day at both the shooting ranges and the gun shows.” “To put the day to better use, we are suggesting that law-abiding NRA members go out and wing a wing-nut, hop head or liberal or two.” “We know who they are,” he continued—“let’s stop pretending we don’t, and we at the NRA believe that such preventive deterrence is covered under a certain reading of the second amendment to the constitution.” “Even if it is not strictly legal today,” said Ms. Loaded, “we have the wherewithal to make it legal tomorrow.”
“Won’t some people be killed or maimed for life,” countered a shaky Smokey. “Properly trained NRA members always hit what they aim for,” said Rey. “Fatalities will clearly be the result of the foolhardy push for senseless gun regulations, and the shortage of guns and ammo it creates.” “Members are not getting the practice time they need.” “If anyone is killed, he concluded, “We know exactly who to blame”

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