Stevieslaw: Arming Alzheimer Patients

Stevieslaw: Arming Alzheimer Patients
Now that the Texas Legislature has agreed to allow guns on College campuses and in College classrooms, giving new meaning to the phrase—I deserve a higher grade, they are turning their attention to another segment of the population that has been deprived of their second amendment rights.
Spokesperson, Q.T. Finger, noted that “In Texas, even homicidal maniacs can get guns easily, yet we discriminate against a mostly peaceful group of confined nursing home residents.” “Alzheimer and dementia patients in Texas nursing homes often feel they are threatened by people not known to them, yet they have no simple way to protect themselves and their possessions.” “We, in the legislature, feel strongly that these patients should be allowed to purchase and use weapons of their choice.” “It’s the Texas thing to do,” he concluded.
In a related story, Smokey Diamond reports that a bill to allow prisoners in Texas jails to carry concealed weapons is facing some opposition and may not reach the governor’s desk until after the November election. Smokey has been told, by an anonymous source, that the holdup is that the bill not only addresses a rights issue, but is also an attempt to reduce overcrowding in the Texas lockups—a measure that many private prison corporations oppose.

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  1. Right on, as usual.


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