Stevieslaw: Republicans to Learn Farsi

Stevieslaw: Republicans to Learn Farsi
House Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, vowed today that Senate Republicans will find more vigorous reasons to disapprove the Iran Treaty than the simple, “that black guy in the White House made it happen,” although McConnell added, “that is certainly enough of a reason.” All of the dozen or so Republican candidates for President have come out against the treaty, though none more so than Donald Trump. The Donald has suggested that the treaty must be read and understood in Farsi—that is, in their version, to truly understand how we are being schnoozled. “Clearly,” said Trump, ‘I am the only candidate capable of quickly learning and understanding Farsi at the level necessary to unravel the details of the treaty. There are significant advantages to being the smart one,” he concluded.
Indeed, Republicans in the Senate have picked up on the Trump challenge, with Senator Bob Corker, Republican from Tennessee and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee stating unequivocally that all Republican Senators will have a working knowledge of Farsi by next week. “We are going to disapprove of this treaty the right way,” he announced.
Smokey Diamond’s calls to local and chain bookstores in the Metropolitan Washington area report that the book, “Farsi for Dummies,” has flown off the shelves and has been reordered.

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