Stevieslaw: Republicans to Do Double Duty

Our tireless Republican legislators have taken on another major issue—effectively doubling their work load. No, it’s not the impending loss of our government’s ability to pay its bills that concerns these hard working ideologues. No, it’s not our failing infrastructure. No, it’s certainly not global warming.
As Mitch McConnell said this morning about the failed vote to disapprove the Iran nuclear treaty, “No amount of saying this issue is over makes it over.” Clearly, their intention is to revisit this issue again and again—adding it to their never ending campaign to roll back Obamacare. “Just as Obamacare has killed our country, the Iran deal will destroy the world,” said McConnell spokesperson, Alla I. Slost. “Scheduling votes on these two issues will be difficult,” Slost admitted, “But we will buckle down and get it done even it everything else goes rapidly to hell.”

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