Stevieslaw: Top Ten Reasons to Shut Down the Government

Stevieslaw: Top Ten Reasons to Shut Down the Government
The Republicans in Congress have just a released a definitive statement on the reasons they must shut down the federal government. Ted Cruz, who is planning to read during the filibuster, noted that “It’s a fun event for a week or two and only the desperately poor and defenseless will be bothered.” The top ten reasons are:
1. To defund Obamacare
2. To defund Planned Parenthood
3. To prevent the American Army from invading the Sovereign State of Texas
4. To stop the Iran Nuclear Treaty
5. To protest the war on Christian values
6. To remove the plaque containing “The New Colossus” from the Statue of Liberty
7. To finally overturn the “New Deal.”
8. To thwart the climate change fanatics by eliminating regulations on burning stuff
9. To reduce the size of the government to a guy named Harvey, and most importantly,
10. To protest the fact that a portrait of Ayn Rand will not grace the new $10 bill.
Have a reason so crazy that the Republicans haven’t come up with it. Really? Must be a doozy. Add it on in the comments.

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