Stevieslaw: Banning Contraception

Stevieslaw: Banning Contraception
The popular word game, Words with Friends, declared today that the word “contraception” would no longer be allowed. The Committee for Concerned God-fearing Americans had challenged the fairness of the game, arguing that its members would either suffer a scoring disadvantage or be forced to use words that make them complicit in conduct that violates their faith. God-fearing said that they would be meeting in the very near future to discuss other words—abortion, gay, and atheist, for example, that clearly present their members with an ethical challenge.
Words with Friends spokesperson, Xenogamy (25), said “with the recent Hobby Lobby decision and the current case before the Supreme Court which argues that filling out a form places a substantial burden on religious practice under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, we could see the writing on the wall. We wanted to avoid expensive (26) litigation (14). Interestingly, contraception—having 13 letters, has never been used in a game to our knowledge. It is, however, theoretically possible.”

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