Stevieslaw: Billionaire Spirit

Stevieslaw: Billionaire Spirit
It seems as if all of us have at one time or another decorated the family sedan or van with a bumper sticker signifying pride or support. For example, one sees many cars with “my daughter is an honor student at…,” or vote for Joe Smith,” or even “my daughter beat up your honor student.”
Now, the top one tenth of one percent and their enablers in local, state and federal legislatures are testing the water for a series of bumper stickers suitable for use on their limos, yachts and private jets. Spokesperson, Joss Foulks, told our own Smokey Diamond, “Billionaires want to show the same sort of support and pride of purpose that ordinary people feel, so we have designed a set of “bumper stickers” for the top tier of Americans, he continued.” “We are still developing our full array of slogans, but we will be launching this week with three doozies—I support corporate welfare, suppress the vote, and let them drink wine. The messages will appear in red on a blue and white banner and will be easy to read from miles away.”
“Buy one or buy all three,” said J.F., and have your people keep their eyes peeled for each new amazing message.”

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2 Responses to Stevieslaw: Billionaire Spirit

  1. Or how about ” Dont even think about getting a minimum raise”


  2. stevieslaw says:

    That could be the fourth. “Reduce the minimum wage.”


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