Stevieslaw: If it walks like a duck

Stevieslaw: If it walks like a duck
The Republican establishment really has to stop talking about how Donald Trump does not represent their values and how they have to stop him at all costs. The Donald has won the Republican vote in the West, the Coastal South, the Deep South and the Northeast. When has a Republican done that before?
And after all, aren’t you the party that would like to return to a Christian America that never was. Aren’t you anti-woman, anti-black and anti-Hispanic? The party that is so anti-science it believes it can halt man-made global warming by singing more loudly at Sunday prayers. Aren’t you the ones that keep saying that raped women can’t become pregnant because their bodies have a mechanism to prevent it? Didn’t one of your governors activate the militia to prevent the American army from invading? Arming young children and abusers? Sure enough. Turn the government over to the preachers? Great idea. Religious liberty laws aimed at preventing others from enjoying their civil rights? Amen, brother. And on and on.
Do you really believe that Trump’s’ totally insane ideas are any more totally insane than yours? Having trouble recognizing Donald? Look in a mirror.

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4 Responses to Stevieslaw: If it walks like a duck

  1. A little angry today are we😜


  2. May be angry, but truth is truth.


  3. stevieslaw says:

    And I so hoped I had heard the last of Romney. Romney calls The Donald a fraud. Stunning.


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