Stevieslaw: “Not I. Hillary Cut Down the Cherry Tree”

Stevieslaw: “Not I. Hillary Cut Down the Cherry Tree.”

The big birther announcement by Donald Trump, in which he finally admitted that Obama was born in the United States while blaming Clinton for starting the rumor in the first place, confirmed one thing. No matter how muddled Trump’s attempts at maintaining a consistent opinion on any issue are, his instinct to lie–first and foremost, is incredibly well developed. If his lips are moving, he is lying.

It calls into question the aspirations of his constituents for their children. When I was growing up, a parent might compare his child’s behavior to that of young George Washington–who never told a lie. A child like that was sure to get ahead.

So, what is it like in Trump’s world today? Does a proud parent, secretly sure that his child is getting away with murder by lying through his teeth, wink and tell his friends, “young Stevie is a real little Donald.” And does that parent believe, as sure as night follows day that “a child like that is sure to get ahead?”

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