Stevieslaw: Union of American Satirists Blasts Trump

Stevieslaw: Union of American Satirists Blasts Trump

The Union of American Satirists today took Trump to task today for appointing Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma Attorney General and Climate-change denier, to head the Environmental Protection Agency. The UAS claimed that the choice was so bad that it could not be satirized—the highest form of condemnation that the organization can issue.

Said spokesperson, Marvin Juvenal, “we’ve been around for a few thousand years and can usually come up with something, but this shill for the gas and oil industry has beaten our best efforts.”

At one point, Mr. Juvenal adopted a serious mien and asked, “Wasn’t he the Pruitt that famously declared, why should I help save the planet—what has the planet ever done for me?”

Juvenal admitted that some in the Union felt that the only explanation for Mr. Pruitt’s open hatred for the environment was that he was not native born. “A majority—albeit a small majority—believe that Scott was dispatched from an alien civilization, several light years from earth, in the hope of forcing humans to repopulate their home planet—named Exxonia or something like that, by destroying the capability to support life on this one.”

“But how does one satirize that?” asked Juvenal.

“Damn it Orange, this is our livelihood your messing with,” he concluded.

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